Your Therapy Care Option:  

Walk & Talk Therapy.

Benefits of Walk & Talk Therapy

  • Meditative & grounding

  • Gets you actively moving

  • Relax in nature

  • May reduce levels of depression

  • Channels nervous energy outward

  • Engaging with nature/outdoors

  • Obtain shifts in perspective

  • New change in scenery from office

Walk & Talk Therapy:  

A change of scenery for a new vantage point.

You are in the office all day surrounded by four walls without a view.  The sun is seen on your way to work, but may not be out on your way home.  You need some fresh air to uncloud your thoughts and to stretch your legs to get moving.

Walk & Talk Therapy provides you with an experience of walking outside during therapy instead of sitting inside an office for your session.

Many clients find Walk & Talk Therapy to be relaxing and supports their active lifestyle.  Walking is not only good for your physical health, but it is also good for your mental health. Research has consistently shown that exercise can significantly impact anxiety and stress while improving overall mood, reducing levels of depression and anxiety, and helping to prevent depressive symptoms.

Being in the beauty of nature can be meditative and grounding.  Immersing yourself with life and light can help you feel more relaxed, loosen up feelings and thoughts when you feel stuck, spur deeper ways of thinking for more clarity and insight, and help your session feel more engaging.

Please contact Cyndie at 610.329.1684 or email me at for your free consultation to see how therapy may begin to help you today.

Possible Public Places for Walk & Talk:

  • East Goshen Park (West Chester, PA)

  • Jenkins Arboretum (Berwyn, PA)

  • Chanticleer Botantical Gardens (admission fee is covered during your session) (April-October) (Wayne, PA)

  • Paoli Battlefield (Malvern, PA)


  • All Walk & Talk sessions are at the discretion of the therapist.

  • Walk & Talk sessions may be canceled due to inclement weather at the therapist's discretion.

  • Intake at office for first visit is required.

  • All intake forms must be read and signed prior to the first intake session (Informed Consent; Adult Intake and HIPAA).

  • Insurance may not cover therapy held outside of the office.

  • Appropriate seasonal outdoor walking wear, shoes, sunscreen, insect repellent and drinking water must be provided by the client.

  • All Walk & Talk sessions will be no earlier than 30 minutes after sunrise ET and 30 minutes before sunset ET.

Additional Options for Your Care:

Counseling Services for Your Healing

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Common Anxiety & Stress Management Services

  • Getting to the source of your anger & managing it

  • Decreasing stress and increasing productivity

  • Living a balanced & healthy lifestyle

  • Recgonizing and decreasing shame & guilt

  • Creating boundaries for healthy living & relations

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  • Learning to feel confident and empowered again

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  • Caring for yourself after widowhood and loss


*Treatment options and modalities are at the discretion of the therapist based on intake, signed informed consent and therapeutic goals. Every effort will be made at the time of services to work collaboratively with clients.